Silicone Sex Dolls, Why They Are Amazing

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Sex dolls are alternative for pleasure

By far the Sex dolls seem flesh and blood, but if you get a bit you realize that this is a sex doll, eerily like a real woman. The phenomenon comes from Japan, where has become really disturbing proportions in recent years.

These dolls, whose name means Dutch wives by their origin, are made from latex, vinyl and silicone, they have a metal skeleton, joints and even natural hair. No two are alike; because the customer is who personalizes (height, waist measurement, breasts, skin color, back and facial expression).

Depending on the desired pattern can have a voice and motion sensors, with predefined answers for all kinds of situations. In addition, if the client wishes, you can buy clothes for their dolls, wigs, makeup and all kinds of accessories.

For ten years, Japan is the leading producer of sex dolls. It is a country with one of the porn industry and the world’s leading sex toys.

Among people who buy prefer they argue that they do not speak and can satisfy all kinds of fantasies, while others say they use them because they fear getting sexually transmitted diseases.

In this regard, it is stated that as a result of cultural factors (linked mostly to technological apogee), Japanese society has viewed with concern how some of his countrymen rush of inordinately to a process of “dehumanization” of personal relationships .

A large number of Japanese men who prefer to use sex toys, before resorting to a woman. Hence the Sex dolls so popular.

The explanations are diverse: some scholars point out that a large percentage of Japanese society leads a lifestyle subjugated the workplace, quite stressful pace of life where human contact is very difficult for some.

Many men do not have time to live with their families and often lose the ability to interact with their wives. While prostitution is very liberal in that country, not all men have the money to pay it.

Added to that, in this country some very specific behavior problems occur. For example, the hikikomori, people with a behavioral disorder leaving social life and seek isolation.

There is also the case of NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), withdrawn and antisocial individuals who spend their days without working, studying or doing any kind of activities.

Therefore, given the current pace of life and many abysses in human relations, this phenomenon is increasing. Among other reasons because a lot of money, technological resources and scientists to develop new forms of sexual pleasure is reversed.

Realistic sex doll