Love dolls that can hold a conversation.

You get pleasure through an inflatable doll, the kind you find in any sex shop as was in the past. Technology surprises us today with the arrival of a sex doll that can hold a conversation with the owner. Not only scheduled repeated phrases, in fact, can answer specific questions and make suggestions. As recalled, McMullen was able to create Love dolls that to the delight of their buyers, can be customized. That is, the customer chooses the measurements of the breasts, buttocks, eye color, hair and even skin. Prices range from US $ 1.299 to US $ 2.399. McMullen began working with a group of engineers to traditional Love dolls can blink, open your mouth and finally talk. But that’s not all, also is working on an app that will act as virtual assistant to ‘socialize’ with the sex doll. It also works on creating a virtual reality headset that can to be used together with the wrist. “We were very careful with the kind of answers that gives you the doll. We do not want to get confused and say things that make no sense. That way no one will sound stupid and go to bed with her, “McMullen said. “You can see one of my best adult dolls, but you realize it is a doll. You want to keep them well, something far super realism, I think it safer, “he said. adult dolls

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