Meet the most popular realistic sex dolls in the world

To taste, there is everything. So the realistic sex dolls market has grown worldwide. And an American company called OVDOLL has specialized in the development of hyper-realistic dolls that can fill the most demanding taste. However, to enjoy one of these “little girls” have to be willing to pay between $1,599 and $ 5,000. It is that these toys are custom-made, and are made with a silicone that gives them a very real aspect. In addition, they can be articulated to practice different sexual positions. Jackson, who works in OVDOLL, snitching to the British newspaper The Independent that the caliph who wants one of these jobs can choose from the height to the size of the breasts. And it can also be made with the features of the former, but for this we must have the permission of the lady in question. realistic sex dolls

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