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Oskars’ love sex doll

Silk and sleazy stories. Today the toy of a famous painter: Oskars’ love sex doll. – Justina Schreiber recalls the times when there were no “Living Dolls” made of silicone.

He dressed in beautiful robes, took her to the opera. In his living room had its place: the doll, the life-size fabric fetish, to which the painter Oskar Kokoschka had customize modeled his bygone lover Alma Mahler.

“The Silent Woman” did not meet expectations Kokoschka Numerous letters with detailed instructions and sketches were between him and the Munich doll maker Hermine Moos back and forth. Nevertheless corresponded “the silent woman” as she was then delivered the 33-year-old art professor in 1919 to Dresden, so not his erotic ideas and needs; like him, had bitterly disappointed also the real model, the Gustav Mahler’s widow, because she had an abortion a child together. She also served a valuable purpose artistic Before the Expressionist artists but the chubby doll chopped off his head, they served as a model for hundreds of sketches and paintings, as for the “Woman in Blue”. Unlike some plastic sex doll today that weißfellige Alma doll could therefore still serve a higher, artistically valuable purpose.

Tragic end of a man’s toy … All’s well that ends well. At least for Oskar Kokoschka and Alma Mahler-Werfel, the reconciled with age. Since he was already longer married to the almost 30 years younger than Olda. From the hapless Hermine Moos but today announce only the twelve surviving letters of her famous client. And the photo that shows the furry doll maybe even in their Schwabinger apartment. There is no evidence that they ever could succeed artistically.

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